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HRS CEO Spence Byrum and co-authors, Daved van Stralen, MD, FAAP and Bahadir Inozu, PhD, are experts in the art and science of High Reliability Organizing (HRO).

They have, in their diverse and successful careers, applied the fundamentals of the HRO system to aviation, healthcare, public safety, manufacturing, and a multitude of other industries. Among these industries, HRO’s applications in healthcare have been garnering the most attention recently.

In this new guide to the principles of HRO, the authors explore its uses in healthcare and list the many ways industry leadership can benefit from its implementation.

In addition to HRO’s many benefits, this new guide also explores the five HRO principles, as well as:

  • HRO in healthcare environments
  • the problems HRO solves
  • Boyd’s OODA loop
  • VUCA-T
  • decision making
  • threat responses
  • leadership models
  • organizational culture
  • crossing the liminal threshold

HRO is an effective way an organization can respond to crises, chaos, and adversity. It gives leadership, management, and all levels of the organization a way of processing challenges and overcoming them as a single unit.

With the help of these industry experts, discover how HRO helps you learn and grow as a team member, manager, and leader.