HRS was established in 2009 as an SDVOSB, a global management consulting company that serves government, commercial, and non-profit clients. Our team of experts are dedicated to helping clients thrive in an ever-changing landscape by providing tailored solutions that deliver measurable results. We specialize in service offerings that are designed to help our clients achieve high reliability in their operations and resiliency in their workforce. 

HIgh Reliability

Performance & resiliency Programs

Strategy, Planning, & Execution

The High Reliability Institute ™

“HRS’s personnel were superbly effective in the development, deployment, consulting, and monitoring of hundreds of our employees as they implemented Performance Improvement initiatives. A number of the projects that they championed led to millions of dollars in tangible savings across the enterprise.”

“This program not only helps with work but applies to everyday life, particularly controlling my anger and rage issues. It has calmed me down overall and given me the opportunity to have a family and a more relaxed lifestyle.”

“Thanks to the strategies taught by the Peak Performance Team, I am able to thrive in stressful situations, make informed decisions quickly, and I am more adaptable to rapidly changing situations. Peak Performance has given me the tools to thrive under adversity.”