Through our extensive experience with applying HRO principles, we have developed systems and tools to specifically facilitate and support the transition to HRO practices in healthcare. The High Reliability Organization operates with HRO mindset, principles and processes. All three of these attributes are essential. All assessments are not High Reliability assessments, just as all improvement processes are not High Reliability improvement processes, all training, not High Reliability training, etc. Over the years, we have seen thousands of procedures, continuous improvement processes, checklists and training programs that were not High Reliability. These costly efforts often showed short term gains, but were typically not sustainable because they lacked one or more of the High Reliability requisites. HRS Consulting Inc. are experts at helping you develop bona fide High Reliability processes, tools and training, to enable your organization to succeed in the challenging VUCA-T environment.

RPA – Reliable Process Assessment®:  Assessment of your status through the lens of a team with more than a decade of High Reliability experience specifically with healthcare providers

RPI – Reliable Process Improvement®: HRS Consulting, Inc. proven methods for insuring Highly Reliable continuous improvement in the journey to become a High Reliability Organization.

HRO Metrics – Functional High Reliability metrics that provide you with the utmost confidence in understanding your status with respect to progress and the specific areas where attention is needed.

HRO Checklists/Guides – Checklists and Guides that are designed to be Highly Reliable in delivering a highly predictable result when executed properly.