HRS’ Human & Tactical Performance Programs combine interactive training, scientifically proven metrics, and expert coaching to build lasting improvements in performance and resilience. Validated needs assessments ensure a customized solution is delivered whether virtually or in-person.

Our programs invests in human capital; focusing on building the individual and strengthening their foundation to cultivate continuous improvement and maintain the performance edge.

In the face of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity, the mission is only as resilient as its people.

Our experts train your team to…

  • Develop strategies to regulate stressors
  • Acquire skills and strategies to counter chronic fatigue and reduce burnout
  • Cultivate skills to enhance decision-making effectiveness and task focus
  • Learn skills aimed at enhancing overall mental well-being
  • Enhance performance and consistency in task execution

Vital Foundational Skills For Success…

Team HRS develops a tailored education & training plan to incorporate the skills necessary to achieve optimal performance, for the employee and the organization regardless of the industry. Stress and burnout does not discriminate, your team can benefit from tools that increase self-awareness, self-regulation of emotions and enhances general feelings of general wellness.

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Program Implementation & Successes

MPRO™ program was a Small Business Innovation Research Direct to Phase II (SBIR D2P2) Awardee
Air Force Research Lab (AFRL) Supported Research

The program supports Airman Leadership School (6-week program) & Enlisted Airmen (AD, Reserves, AG) and Civilians

Program results demonstrated statistically significant increases in mean scores after MPRO training across the
following areas included:


  • Stress Management
  • Improvement in Sleep & Feeling more rested and alert throughout the day
  • Planning & Systematic Approach to Set and Achieve Goals
  • Consistent use of breathing exercises… and MORE

VA Acquisition Academy (VAAA), Warriors to Workforce (W2W) Peak Performance Program

2023 Winner of the Training Officers Consortium (TOC) Distinguished Service Award (Coaching Category)

The program supports Combat Veterans with service-connected disabilities & interns transitioning to new federal careers. Participants of the program demonstrated improvements in short-term memory recall, visual & auditory processing and working memory.

  • 92% Improvement in mastery & self-regulation
  • 65% Improved focus/attention span
  • 61% Higher job retention for Veterans in 1st year post-service transition

VA Strategic Acquisition Center (SAC) Workplace Self-Advocacy program

The program supports Contracting Specialists, contracting Officers & Administrative personnel.

The training focus is

  • Teaching groups and individuals how to seek out support needed to effectively perform your work, develop skills, and
    meet goals within an open and collaborative framework.
  • Consciously identifying and reframing negative or counterproductive thoughts to develop a positive outlook and
    reinforcing mindset

HRS did an amazing job addressing the needs of the team. I appreciate the tools she provided to help improve mindset and improve stress levels.

Self Advocacy Training Participant

The training was excellent. I appreciate that it wasn’t a bunch of pop psychology at work, but scientific data driven information being shared along with practical ways to implement the concepts. 

Self Advocacy Training Participant

MPRO covers so many aspects of self-development and improvement that aren’t available in traditional resources.

MPRO Client

This program transformed me, not just into a successful professional, but into a healthier, happier person.

MPRO Client

Peak Performance Training was able to provide me with the tools to improve my decision making and organization skills.

Peak Performance Participant