HRS Consults CEO, Spence Byrum, Media Interviews

HRS Consulting’s CEO, Spence Byrum, is a leading expert in healthcare risk management and patient care.  Besides the  and the healthcare writers at Outpatient Surgery Magazine have relied on his expertise for years.  Read his interviews linked below.


1. Making ‘Never Events’ a Reality

PARADIGM SHIFT There is a way to guarantee no wrong-site surgeries, says Spence Byrum, managing part…

December 2013

2. Make Your Facility a High Reliability Organization

Spence Byrum Speaker Profile …

June 2016

3. Is Your Facility Disaster-Ready?

Remember the breakdown in patient care that followed Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Sandy? A new CMS rule is aimed at preventing a recurrence. As part of its Emergency Preparedness Rule, CMS insists that you prove that you’re ready to deal with s…

October 2016

4. Do You Have a Culture of Safety?

OPEN COMMUNICATION A big key in a culture of safety is the time out. But, it’s only effective when performed in the right environment. Before a recent lung biopsy at a Minnesota hospital, everything seemed to be going smoothly. The surgeon ini…

October 2015

5. Editor’s Page: Can We Have Reliability With So Much Variability?

High-reliability organizations with extremely low error rates do things by the book. Same way, every time: That’s their hallmark. There’s no coloring outside the lines on aircraft carrier flight decks and at nuclear power plants. Then there’s sur…

December 2013

6. Schedule at a Glance

Wednesday, Oct. 12 8:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Special ORX Morning Workshops A. Price Transparency: How to Post Your Prices Online Marty Makary, MD Jerry Hadlock, CRNA…

June 2016

7. Zero Tolerance for Never Events

NO MISTAKING One of the best ways to prevent wrong-site surgeries is to have surgeons cut through the word yes or their initials….

February 2014

8. Business Advisor: Get Your Credentialing Files in Order

ALL ZIPPED UP Maintaining credentialing files appropriately is a time-consuming, detailed process. If you do your own credentialing, you know it can be a job in itself. Not only is it a challenge to keep up with the regulations and make sure e…

November 2016

9. A Look Back at OR Excellence 2016

Never been to a conference where the speakers made you laugh, think and cry? Then you must have missed last month’s OR Excellence in beautiful Bonita Springs, Fla. If you weren’t able to attend the meeting many su…

November 2016

10. Marking Madness

CUT WHERE? Surgical site marking can vary greatly, with smiley faces, asterisks and arrows among the many symbols used to note the proposed i…

April 2013

11. Clear Cut

WHO’S IN CHARGE? If anyone other than the surgeon does the marking, you may be asking for trouble. No one knows exactly how often a surgeon cuts into the wrong body part, but wrong-sided surgery happens more often than you think, affecting hun…

July 2015