The staff of HRS Consulting have been applying of the principles of High Reliability Organizations to healthcare for more than a decade.  We have refined our programs with our experience transforming traditional practices into HRO practices in more than 1,000 healthcare providers. We have pioneered adapting the proven HRO principles to reduce errors and increase productivity across virtually all specialties in medicine.  These techniques can increase the reliability of professionals, key systems and processes and significantly decrease undesirable variations in results and associated costs.  Our award-winning expertise is proven across many types of providers — from small clinics to ambulatory surgery centers to large tertiary care hospitals.

HRS Consulting, Inc. can show you how to reduce costly mistakes and improve performance and efficiency as well as significantly improve your organization’s teamwork culture and satisfaction.

Sample of the organizations we have worked with:

  • VA
  • VAA
  • VHA
  • DOE
  • State of New Jersey
  • State of Virginia
  • USCG
  • DHS
  • WA State Workers Compensation
  • Tennesseans Improving Patient Safety
  • New Hampshire Healthcare Commission
  • Virginians Improving Patient Safety
  • St Paul Insurance