The HRS Peak Performance System capitalizes on the body’s signals and thought processes to enable individuals to better assess, manage, and master their performance. By combining in-demand skills and competencies with measurable outcomes, our training develops the mental strength needed to succeed in any challenging work environment.


The HRS approach combines core Peak Performance skills with advanced biofeedback and neuroscience technologies for comprehensive assessment and training. Biofeedback allows users to see how Peak Performance strategies influence their physical responses and behavior in real time. This helps you see your new skills in action, which will in turn, drive success.

HRS subject matter experts have developed extensive training curriculum for the acquisition and mastery of skills. Our staff, board certified in biofeedback, have developed curriculum that is adapted according to your specific goals and specialized requirements.

  • How do you reduce stress on the job?
  • How do you remain focused & productive?
  •  How do you flex your mind & tune into what your body is telling you?
  •  How well do you know yourself?
  • What is your potential?

EXPECTED RESULTS                                 

Over the last five years, the average client who completed the HRS Peak Performance Program benefited in several areas including:

  • 15% boost in mental toughness
  •  46% gain in efficient scanning of important informationpp2
  •  32% improvement on short term memory recall

What this looks like on the job…

  • Quickly assess critical moments and effectively direct attention
  • Sharp memory and analytical ability
  • Minimize distractions
  • Extended focus and faster task completion
  • Listen and communicate more effectively
  • Muscle tension low and limber, which reduces stress and improves performance
  • Putting ideal amount of energy into things that can be controlled
  • Strong confidence and resiliency


HRS Consulting uses a client-centered approach to facilitate Peak Performance. Methods of delivery include workshops, individual training sessions and on-site Peak Performance Center which can benefit a wide range of populations. Alternatively, or in combination with face-to-face training, we could create online components for flexible scheduling. We tailor the solution to best fit your needs and work together to design your training.

For more information or assistance… Dr. Torrie Higgins, [email protected], (703) 501-3564