High Reliability Organization (HRO) Practices – Our systematic approach to enhancing performance.

  • We ask you about your organization, your goals, strengths and challenges to customize a pathway for you.
  • We collaboratively develop a program that is sensitive to your timing, challenges and critical factors.
  • We explain our process and help to inspire and motivate all levels and disciplines in your organization.
  • Our HRS teams use a systematic approach that includes tools, training, coaching and the proven HRS Reliable Process Improvement® that enables you to confidently achieve the consistency and success seen in High Reliability Organizations.
  • Our teams have evaluated workplaces and team processes worldwide to sustainably reduce waste, incorporate efficiencies and improve performance and satisfaction in complex environments with multidisciplinary operations.

Get on the pathway to becoming an HRO.

  • Our teams are skilled in the HRO practices that are required to advance your processes and HRO organizational behaviors to deliver more consistently predictable results.
  • We can help you “bulletproof” your operations, just like HROs, so you avoid having the same issues over and over and enable you to develop a reliable base on which you can build with confidence.
  • Our approach works by institutionalizing HRO supporting leadership practices, HRO processes and systems and HRO individual and team behaviors and learning
  • You are guided to the HRO mindset and culture and supported by reliable metrics for the successful continuing transformation to HRO status.

You can achieve a HRO vision.

  • It doesn’t happen overnight – it’s a transformative process
  • We can help you understand where you are in the process at any time
  • The benefits are largely accretive and are enjoyed as they are achieved during the transformation.
  • More predictable results with less surprises
  • Enhanced safety
  • Fewer schedule delays – more on-time procedures and activities – improved efficiency
  • Reduced costs
  • Greater satisfaction for everybody
HRS – Capabilities Overview