Government Agencies

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Several of our uniquely skilled experts served careers in government agencies.  Our consultant team will assist in developing specific protocols and are extremely well-versed in performance evaluation and assessment for a wide variety of environments.  Maintaining effective operations necessitates close coordination with other agencies, so our human factors approach will also assist by training civil servants to work as teams and increasing their communication skills. Successful government agency programs include other closely related services — see also our services under Teamwork Training and Communications Improvement. 

Services and programs:

  • HRS’s Peak Performance Approach
  • Overall Locale- and Process-based Diagnostics
  • Initial Employee Awareness Survey  (web-based)
  • Initial (baseline) Worksite Inspection
  • Recurrent Inspection Checklists
  • Teambuilding Skills for Subordinates   (Supportive Followership Skills)
  • Teambuilding Skills for Senior Members   (Assertive Leadership Skills)
  • Effective Team Communications Skills
  • Site Exercises Proposal
  • Site Exercises Evaluation
  • Follow-on Employee Survey (web-based)