Reliability Enhancement

Team of multi ethnic business people discussing work

HRS Consulting has improved our clients’ performance across the globe by helping them to recognize and improve behavioral and procedural reliability.  Creating a culture where your teams work together and best utilize their collective skills is a large part of permanent/sustainable performance improvement.  Effective personal communications skills allow early recognition of risks, and are therefore also critical to improving the performance of both teams and organizations.Our consultants are adept at evaluating worksites and work processes.  We then design training to overcome the unique challenges in each environment. We offer the following services to help organizations to more effectively address and manage their operational challenges. The HRS Reliable Teamwork Training and Communications Improvement will ensure that your initial gains become permanently enhanced performance levels.Closely related services can be found in the Services Section under Teamwork Training and Communications Improvement and Safety Management Systems (SMS) Programs. 
Services and programs:
  • Overall Facility and Process Evaluation
  • Initial Employee Safety Survey  (web-based)
  • Risk Reduction Seminar
  • Operational Resource Management (ORM) –  Initial Training
  • ORM for Supervisors
  • ORM – Recurrent Training
  • Maintenance Resource Management (MRM) – Initial Training
  • MRM for Supervisors
  • MRM – Recurrent Training
  • SMS (various types of programs)
  • Follow-on Employee Safety Culture Survey (web-based)