HRS Consulting is an accomplished provider of HRO Team Development. We begin with  assessing teamwork and are experts at originating Teamwork Training and adapting it to meet the unique needs of each client.  We offer the following services to help organizations and all levels of employees develop and practice team-building skills and, importantly, can provide a process to track teamwork progress and sustain the gains to maintain peak performance.Closely related services can be found in the Services Section under Communications ImprovementServices and programs:
  • HRO Assessment of Teamwork Reliability
  • Teambuilding Skills for Subordinates   (Supportive Followership Skills)
  • Teambuilding Skills for Senior Members   (Assertive Leadership Skills)
  • Crew Resource Management (CRM) – Initial Training
  • CRM – Recurrent Training
  • Operational Resource Management (ORM) –  Initial Training
  • ORM for Supervisors
  • ORM – Recurrent Training
  • Maintenance Resource Management (MRM) – Initial Training
  • MRM for Supervisors
  • MRM – Recurrent Training
  • RCM – Reliability Centered Maintenance
  • SMS (various programs)